Double S Aussiedoodles

Stu & Kristy Strahan
2100 Barber Rd.
Grass Lake, MI. 49240



We are introducing our new breed of Shepadoodles. They are German Shepherds bred with Standard Poodles. They weigh around 55-70 pounds and are 25 inches at the shoulder.
Shepadoodles are extremely intelligent. They are used for diabetic alert , seeing eye dogs, and all other types of therapy work. Shepadoodles have a variety of coat types. The wavy to curly will be low shedding, and the straighter coats will shed quite a bit more.
Our female's name is Micah and she is an F1 whom we bred with our male Gunner. He is an F1b.
They will produce litters of F2b puppies.
These pups will be great for many forms of therapy work, running partners and ideal family dogs.

If you are interested in these puppies please contact Kristy Strahan at 734-476-1864, or email at

My name is Micah
This is our male, Gunner

This is August an F2 female Shepadoodle.
This is Hank our F1B male Shepadoodle.